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I have chosen not to call this program a scam, because it is not. However I have some very serious warnings to offer to anyone who chooses to work with this mentor.

If you have not seen this method of selling courses before, it's pretty standard in it's execution and a method widely used. First you are offered some free information to build the credibility of the mentor. Then you are invited for a free "consultation call". On that call, you get to know the mentor and at the end, they hit you with the offer.

In this case the offer was $6000 USD for mentoring with a focus on a video course.

I personally could not afford $6000 so I was offered a payment plan.

IMPORTANT: I warned the vendor (Cody Butler) on this call that if this does not generate clients for me and this does not work, I will not be able to pay the upcoming monthly payments. I CLEARLY WARNED HIM. Not as a threat, but as an absolute reality of my current financial situation. I had just been laid off from my sales job and I only had 30 days to make this work.

And did I go to work! I worked 12 hours a day every day applying his methods. and it was pretty slim pickings. After about a week I put a different slant on things and I actually began to generate leads. Quite a few actually. I thought it a little odd that my change had improved the results.

Then another reality came blindingly obvious. I had told him I was targeting Implant Dentists. I received no warning from him because he was not very available. You had to contact him through a Facebook group and every time you posted in the group, you got lots of reply's from other students, but not so much from Cody. Well I paid Cody, not the other students. I found that Cody was not very active in that group.

Back to the point. Implant Dentists. I discovered that these guys are being bombarded by the same basic approach I was being taught. It was a market that was totally sick and tired of being approached. Very hard to close and very hard to even get an audience. I noticed that other new students who were having success, had made contacts based on referrals and not 100% using the lead method being taught.

Well now I had wasted 8 days setting everything up, building everything up working 12 hours a day. I had to abandon that niche and pretty much start all over again because the idea is to become the go-to guy so your linked in profile etc has to reflect that. So I removed all the dentists stuff and went into another niche.

Success! So I thought. I actually started generating quite a lot of leads. But again, my own version of the method was outperforming the way Cody did it. But I thought to myself, that's OK, so long as I get success.

To cut a long story short, I did at least 25 telephone consultations with clients in my new niche over the next few weeks. All using the telephone method as taught by Cody. I did not close any deals. The irony once again was the closest I came to getting a client was when I abandoned the Cody telephone script and did it my way. It sounded more real I guess. Anyway, that "client" wanted to start in a couple of months and by that time I was out of money and having to do other things.

After this experience I ran out of money and had to leave my family to go and work away from home to survive. I went into it with great hope but the painful reality is a very different thing.

The reality:
This is a VERY competitive market.
You had better be very skilled at closing and comfortable with being quite an aggressive salesman.
Cody is selling a course and his motivation before you pay him is to sell you course, not sell you results. It may not be deliberate but this leads to a certain glossing over of the realities.

Recent events with Cody: After nearly a year of no contact with Cody Butler, I was going through my email account to unsubscribe from all the make money online vendors I had been subscribed to. I was simply going down a list and hitting unsubscribe, because my email account was getting filled with MMO emails every day. One of them was Cody Butlers email list. Within about an hour, I received an email from him with a very sarcastic comment: "Just what I expected from you! It figures!".

So this is what you get from this man. Not one contact before. No, how's it going? or How comes you have not paid? or anything like that where I would have the opportunity to explain that my life was very difficult the past year. NOPE! Just a very nasty and sarcastic comment because I guess he felt offended by my unsubscribing from his email list. This is the character of this person.

Now I'm guessing that he would say that my character is flawed. I did not pay the rest of the monthly payments after all. Well to that I would say: I worked every day, day and night applying his methods. After that not gaining any results, I ran out of money. I had to go and find a job. I have been in a very difficult financial situation since then and I still am. I will also say that I warned him that I would not be able to make further payments if I got no results.

This is all coming from a man who says he is making piles of money. Making more than I can make in 8 months in one month. Without any knowledge of my circumstances and a very short memory on what I told him, he sends me a nasty email because I unsubscribed from an email list.

For all his posturing and noble attitudes projecting an image of integrity, let me suggest that this man finds some love. Because without that, you are a sounding gong!

So my advice. If you are happy to work with somebody who is hard nosed and all business, then you will be just fine. But if you fall on hard times and his advise does not work for you, get ready for the true face of Cody to appear.

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  • Product Name: More Clients More Results
  • The creator is: Cody Butler
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  • Details: A high priced video course to generate leads on Linkedin and using postcards.
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Do you want a reliable, predictable and sustainable way to generate high ticket ppc clients at the lowest marketing costs possible? Then this is for you. Systematic methodology to enroll high ticket clients Low tech – easy to implement Extremely low cost to use It works even if nobody knows you
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